Double 12″ bandpass sub

The Maui 28 G3 system puts out a surprising amount of bottom end for a column system with a single 12″ sub, but I like the kick drum to be felt, so I decided to invest in a Maui 44SE double 12″ bandpass sub with 800W RMS (1600W Peak) of Class D power driving it.

This gives the system the equivalent of 2 x 1″ horns, a 12″ and 2 x 15″ drivers for midrange and a 24″ sub per side, more than enough to provide adequate production for corporate and wedding bands and get people on the dance floor hopping! This will also provide excellent coverage for RSLs and small pubs of 200 people as effectively, if not more, than a horn loaded system (e.g. a 12″ or 15″ and horn midrange cabinet and 18″sub per side) with far better horizontal dispersion of 120 degrees and better localisation on the dance floor.  This allows people at tables to engage in a conversation without shouting at one another – very important at weddings and corporate events!

Don’t forget about our introductory special ending on 30th September of $500.00 for the system set up, delivered and operated! Normally $600.00 minimum including lights.