One of the wonderful things about being in the industry for so long is the life-long friendships that one makes with like-minded people. I had a wonderful surprise today when my close friend of over three decades, David Paul sent me a belated birthday gift of some of his truly world class pickups!

Talk about stoked!

Those that know me know that I’m not the kind of person to give complements lightly, but I can unequivocally state that David’s Orpheus pickups are some of the best in the world! Not only is he one of the best guitar repairers and luthiers in the country, his unbridled passion and encyclopedic wealth of knowledge led him to research and develop pickups that would leave the design engineers of the US manufacturers weeping, just as much from joy after hearing them as the anguish of not having designed them themselves.

These are going into my Potbelly, I can’t wait to hear them sing! Do yourselves a favour and check out Dave’s website at and have a listen to some of the YouTube videos therein.

Please don’t hesitate to message me if you want to know more about his amazing range!

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